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Dulos/Bob Hunt has over 40 years of program management, acquisition, budgeting, and cost estimating and analysis experience.  He received his SCEA Certification in 1991.  He has served in senior technical and management positions at Galorath Federal Incorporated (President), Dulos Incorporated (President), Galorath Incorporated (Vice President for Services), CALIBRE Systems (Vice President), CALIBRE Services (President), SAIC (Vice President), the U.S. Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center (Chief of the Vehicles, Ammunition, and Electronics ICE Division, U.S. Army Directorate of Cost Analysis (Deputy Director for Automation and Modeling), and other Army analysis positions.   He is the author of multiple technical papers published for ICEAA, IEEE, NASA, and DCAS.  

Mr. Hunt received his Masters Degree from Virginia State University and his Bachelors of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Mathematics Education.  Mr. He also served as the Chairman of the Economics Technical Subcommittee of the AIAA.

Mr. Hunt has been married to his wife Barbara for 48 years.  They have two children and three grandchildren.  He is an active member of his church.  He served on the board of his local home owners association.  Mr. Hunt has been an active participant in local Public Service.  He was elected to the Tri-County/City (TCC) District of the Virginia Soil and Water Conservation Board (SWCB).  He served as Chairman of that Board in 2009 and Treasurer in 2010/2011.  He was also elected to the Stafford County School Board from the Aquia District.  He was appointed to the Stafford County Utilities Commission and Served as Chairman in 2008 and 2009.  He serves on the Agricultural/Purchase of Development Rights Commission of Stafford County.  Mr. Hunt has servd as President and Secretary of the Stafford Education Foundation; a 501(c)3 IRS Charity dedicated to supporting public education in Stafford County.  

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Mr. Hunt has provided information technology systems and software program assessments, and IT and software cost estimating for commercial and federal clients including the Army Integrated Personnel and Pay System (IPPS-A), Customs and Border Protection, the Department of Defense, NASA, and various commercial clients.  Mr. Hunt was the principal author of the initial U. S. Army Cost Analysis Manual.  In addition to SCEA/ISPA responsibilities, Mr. Hunt has held leadership positions and made technical presentations for the American Institute of Aeronautic and Astronautics (AIAA), the National Association of Environmental Professionals (NAEP), and the IEEE.

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  College: Virginia State University, 1974, M.Ed., Mathematics Education

Virginia Commonwealth University, 1970, BS, Mathematics ED

  Other: Certified Cost Estimator/Analyst, Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis (SCEA), 1991

SCEA/ISPA Annual Conference Track Chair 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 

  Special Training: Syracuse University, Advanced Resource Management Course

Cost Analysis for Decision Making, USALMC

Cost Estimating for Engineers, USALMC

Decision Risk Analysis, USALMC

ACE-IT Training

Professional Affiliations: Member International Cost Estimating and Analysis Association

Former Chair of AIAA Economics Subcommittee

Former member American Association of Cost Engineers

Awards: Department of Army Decoration for Meritorious Civilian Service, August 1986

Best Paper, Agile Cost Estimating, Estimating Track, SCEA/ISPA National Conference 2010


Jan 2015 to Present Galorath Federal - President

Dec 2004 – present Galorath Incorporated - Vice President, Services

Sept 2003- Dec 2004 Galorath Incorporated - Strategic Initiatives

Mr. Hunt is responsible for the management and technical direction of the consulting staff and the quality of the services products.  His professional services staff is defined by expert analysts and consultants with broad experience in cost estimating and project management, as well as deep knowledge of the capabilities, features and limitations of SEER for Software, SEER for Information Technology, SEER for Hardware, and SEER for Manufacturing.  The Services group of Galorath Incorporated also provides a complete set of training solutions for all the SEER tools and quick start and jump start analyses for new users.  Mr. Hunt has provided Price-To-Win analyses, software program assessments, SEI Checklist evaluations, software sizing analyses, and software cost estimating for commercial and federal clients including the Customs and Border Patrol, the Department of Defense, NASA, Department of Education, the IRS, and various commercial clients. 

Mr. Hunt is the Program Manager of the Galorath Federal contract for the Business Management Division Support to the Integrated Personnel and Pay System Army (IPPS-A.  This BMD Support Services contract provides the BMD with a broad range of acquisition, financial and analysis capabilities to execute effective and responsive integrated program management of IPPS-A related research, development, production, and lifecycle acquisition activities.

Galorath provides the IPPS-A PMO BMD with Acquisition Management Support/contracts administration; Financial Management Support/PPBES; Cost/Schedule Management Support/Program Office Estimate /DAES; EVM Analysis and Support/IMS/IBR/IPPMR; Risk Management and Analysis Support/Risk Register; and Training.  As a result of the incremental/Agile software based development approach for Increment II, Galorath will provide on-going operational support of the deployed systems while developing new systems. This will require coordination between the support and development efforts to ensure that development activities do not negatively impact the operation stability of the deployed system as new capabilities are released.

Jan 2003 – Present Dulos, Inc, Stafford, VA - President

Dulos is a women-owned small business dedicated to supporting resource management (including cost estimating and economic analysis); strategic business planning; proposal development and support; environmental issues related to military training and sustainable ranges; and nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons analysis.  Dulos has significant experience in resource management (planning, programming, and budgeting (PPBS)) Cost Estimating and Analysis, including Analysis of Alternatives (AOA), cost benefit analyses (CBA), and economic analyses.  The Dulos Inc is a Virginia Corporation doing business at 1020 Isabella Dr, Stafford, 22554 with the following Federal company information: DUNS  124358156, TIN  04-3602620, and CAGE 3CTJ4.

Dulos is currently supporting the Robbins-Gioia effort for the Customs and Border Protection’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) program.  The ACE program is following the agile software process and Mr. Hunt is providing cost estimating and program analysis support.  Dulos also supported SEI Checklist evaluation on the CBO ACE program for GAO review.  The ACE Program conducts independent reviews on independent cost estimates to compare with engineering change cost estimates provided by the ACE eCP contractor team.  The CBPMO verifies both estimates provided against the SEI cost estimation checklist to ensure sufficiency and completeness of these estimates.  Dulos utilized the SEI guidance provided by CMU/SEI-95-SR-004 January 1995 (A Manager's Checklist for Validating Software Cost and Schedule Estimates by Robert Parks) to assess the ACE program.  Specific tasks included;  (1) Reviewing the last two checklist submissions and supporting information to prepare for future conduct in support of CBPMO as the need arises, (2)  Developed and documented a process to be used to conduct subsequent cost estimate reviews and to support the CBPMO with preparation of the reports to include, where requested, support for any GAO submissions, (3) Provided briefing on process, (4) Conducted reviews of ACE FY 2006 Budget Expenditure Plans to include supporting cost estimates, and list of observed risks to the on schedule execution of the plan (realism), and (5) Monitored progress of preparation of budget planning activities against master schedule, report status to COR and provide support as directed by COR to facilitate successful completion of budget execution plan effort.

Dulos supported the task to produce a business case analysis (BCA) supporting the selection of alternative solutions (e.g., courses of action) associated with the Autonomic Logistic (AL) program.  The primary objective of this task was to produce a business case analysis (BCA) supporting the selection of alternative solutions (e.g., courses of action) associated with the Autonomic Logistic (AL) program.  This effort entailed analysis of operational requirements, industry best practices, and other factors contributing to implementation of this capability within the Marine Corps.  The BCA supported any formal Analyses of Alternatives (AoA), assisted with defining operational impacts and benefits, and served as the basis for the initial Life Cycle Cost Estimate (LCCE) and the budget estimates.  Mr. Hunt is supporting cost analysis services for the  Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model for the USMC’s MAGTF Command and Control Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) analysis.  This assessment is developing a requirements analysis/CARD, a life cycle cost estimate, software cost and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) issues.

Mr. Hunt’s NASA experience included assessments of data storage requirement, pricing for data center consolidation initiatives, Constellation and Space Suite initiatives, and NASA software initiatives.  And, Mr. Hunt is developing a Return on Investment model for the NAA IV&V initiative.  Mr. Hunt is supporting an updated Risk Analysis process for NASA.

Mr. Hunt supported the cost analysis portion of the Case Telescoped Ammunition Producability Study through Battelle Memorial Institute.

Mr. Hunt’s resource management experience includes cost analysis, should cost analysis, and competition analysis experience.  His experience extends to traditional and non-traditional hardware and software weapons systems for major and non-major weapon systems acquisitions.  He supported development of cost estimating relationships (CER) for Test and Evaluation Costs for Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Cost and Economics) (ODASA (CE)).  He also completed the ODASA(CE) Test Cost handbook for Development and operational Tests.  


He provides strategic initiatives insight and business development for Galorath Incorporated and the SEER suite of software and hardware cost estimating and system sizing models.

Mr. Hunt supported Kalman and Company in the development of a POM/Cost Analysis model to the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model for the USMC’s MAGTF Command and Control Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) analysis.  This incremental development program primarily utilized the agile/time boxing process.  This assessment evaluates software cost (Government and contractor) and Post Deployment Software Support (PDSS) issues.

Mr. Hunt supported the U. S. Army’s training mission through support to the Sustainable Range Program (SRP) and the Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM) program.  Dulos has supported carrying capacity studies for the Army’s Test Evaluation Command (ATEC) and the British Army’s Army Training Estate.  Dulos supported the development of Resource Management/PPBES decision support tools and resource estimating tools for the Army Training Budget system (TBUD) and the Army Test and Evaluation Command’s range management programs.  His support to Army installations includes coordinating Delphi Assessments and assessments of the RFMSS program at testing centers.  Mr. Hunt supported HQ ATEC in development of the Test Center Cost Model (TCCM).  Mr. Hunt completed the Delphi Assessment of Dugway Proving grounds to help establish the future direction of the test center.

Mr. Hunt is Vice President for Services of Galorath Incorporated and provides strategic analysis, cost estimating processes, and strategic business planning for Galorath Incorporated.

Dulos also supports Government Statement of Work (SOW)/Performance Work Statements (PWS) development, proposal development and contracts management for the Army’s SRP.  He has developed and managed major proposal, corporate bid strategies, and competition analyses. 

Dulos Inc. has a corporate background in Chemical Demilitarization and weapon systems cost effectiveness studies.  Mr. Hunt has successfully applied these technical capabilities to both environmental and weapon systems programs.  Mr. Hunt is supporting a cost benefit assessment of mobile NBC water treatment technologies for US Army Tank/Automotive Command (TACOM).  Mr. Hunt helped conceptualize and develop the initial TACOM cost and technical database that became the basis for the current Army Cost Database (ACDB) for vehicle systems.

During his career, Mr. Hunt has led or assisted in preparing over 50 proposals.  He has variously served as capture manager, proposal manager, volume manager, proposal writer, proposal pricer, Red Team reviewer, and proposal orals preparer/presenter.  Proposals he has prepared have ranged in value from $1 million to $300 million.  He has submitted proposals to components of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Command, DLA, DOE, NASA, FBI, and other Federal agencies.  His proposals have involved commercial hardware (weapons systems), electronic, and software solutions; and technical support services.  He has developed proposals involving military (ground, air, electronics, and sea) technologies such as military hardware, logistics, range management, base O&M, information technology (IT), telecommunications, military vehicle manufacturing, and spaced based solutions, etc.  He prepared RFP's and SOW for the U.S. Army and has prepared and supported vendor proposals for SAIC, GD Land Systems, CALIBRE, Hughes, Magnavox, Litton, EG&G, BAH, Titan, and AAI, Northrop Grumman.

Dec 1999 – Dec 2002 CALIBRE Services, Inc Springfield, VA


Feb 1995 – Dec 1999 CALIBRE Systems, Inc., Falls Church, VA

Vice President

Mr. Hunt was a Corporate Officer of CALIBRE Systems, a member of the Board of Directors of CALIBRE Systems, and President of CALIBRE Services (a subsidiary of CALIBRE Systems).  Mr. Hunt is a certified cost estimator/analyst for the Society of Cost Estimating and Analysis and was a member of the American Association of Cost Engineers.  Mr. Hunt was involved with the Risk Mitigation Team of the Chemical Demilitarization Program to evaluate cost estimating, schedule, and program implications.  He led the analysis support to the DOE/COE FUSRAP in Oak Ridge, TN.  This program provides cost estimates for clean up of low-level nuclear radiation.  He directed the independent cost estimate (ICE) and operational simulation analysis of the U.S. Defense Chemical Demilitarization program.  He has also provided assessments of the cost to construct and operate a Russian Chemical Weapons Demilitarization Facility (RCWDF).   Mr. Hunt was Chairman of the Economics Technical Committee of the AIAA and was the session chairman for the National Space conference of the AIAA in 1965 and 1996.  Mr. Hunt was the Environmental Session leaders for the National Conference for the SCEA in 1996 and 1997.

Aug 1986 - Feb 1995 Science Applications International Company (SAIC), Mclean, VA

Vice President

Mr. Hunt was the manager of the Cost and Acquisition Management Operation of SAIC.  He directed the technical work of the four technical divisions working in the cost and economic analysis arena.  These divisions conduct economic and cost research, completes independent life cycle cost estimates, develop manufacturing technology assessments, develop acquisition strategy assessments, provide cost and schedule analysis, general program budget (PPBS) support, and provides direct life cycle cost and economic analysis support for National Laboratories, DNA, DoD, DoE, NASA, DoT and industry clients.

He was the Project Manager for the computer architecture for the US Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center (USACEAC).  The study is designing a complete information flow for the center.  The recommended architecture includes a complete set of PC and mini-computer systems connected via a network and remote modem communications systems.  This analysis included development and assessment of alternative computer architectures.

He provided cost estimating and analysis support to the Strategic Defense Initiative Office (SDIO) for the SDIO Architecture Studies.  He also led cost analyst on the NSNF Deceptive Practices Study.  This analysis included an assessment of alternative cover, camouflage, concealment, and deception alternatives in both mobile and fixed environments.

Dec 1984 - Aug 1986 U.S. Army Cost and Economic Analysis Center, Washington, DC

Chief, Vehicles, Electronics, and Ammunition Independent Cost Estimating Division (GM15)

Mr. Hunt managed a division which performed independent cost estimates (ICE) for all major Army acquisitions in the area of vehicles, electronics, and ammunition systems.  The ICE serves as the “honest broker” instrument in the Army cost and acquisition process and is presented to the OSD Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG).  These analyses directly support the Army POM development and worked within the PPBES throughout all phases of this process.

He also completed economic analyses of the information management (IM) systems of the Army.  He provided analyses of the emerging POM and budget documents of the PPBS, quick turnaround analyses, and special analyses for the Congress and ARSTAFF.

Sep 1983 - Dec 84 Cost Analysis Directorate, Office of the Comptroller of the Army, The Pentagon, Arlington, VA

Assistant Director for Automation and Modeling, Directorate of Cost Analysis

In this position, Mr. Hunt represented the director on modeling and automation issues.  He advised the director of cost analysis in matters pertaining to the development and adaptation of mathematical, statistical, and other scientific methods to analyze resource management problems.  In this position was the primary author of the DCA-P-92(R), Instructions for Reformatting the BCE/ICE.  This document was a significant step towards integrating the costing, programming, and budgeting processes with the acquisition process in the Army.  He developed the manpower and staffing documents required to initiate the new Army Organizational element, USA Cost and Economic Analysis Center.

Sept 1974 - Sep 1983 US Army Material Command, Alexandria, VA

Cost Analyst, Cost Analysis Division – various positions



HSA Clearance


Applying Earned Value Management to Software Intensive Programs, Robert P Hunt (Galorath Incorporated), Paul J. Solomon (Performance-Based Earned Value), and Dan Galorath (Galorath Incorporated), Data & Analysis Center for Software (DACS) Software Tech News –EVM issue (Volume 12, No. 1) DACS Software Tech News

Software Maintenance Implications on Cost and Schedule , Bob Hunt, Bryn Turner, Karen McRitchie, IEEE Big Sky Conference, March 2008

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